License packages

CEDOC Industrial Edition

Our different license packages for CEDOC Industrial Edition are shown below. The prices are for companies outside of Sweden.

1 License

For you who are admin and handles everything in CEDOC.

If you would like another number of licenses or a monthly subscription, please contact Cedoc.

2 600 EUR /12 months
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3 Licenses

For you who works in team with your risk assessments.

If you would like another number of licenses or a monthly subscription, please contact Cedoc.

6 200 EUR /12 months

5 Licenses

For you who have multiple risk assessments going on at the same time.

If you would like another number of licenses or a monthly subscription, please contact Cedoc.

8 900 EUR /12 months

There is a CEDOC for you

CEDOC Industrial Edition is aimed at those who have a site with production machinery, lifts, forklifts, gates and other equipment that needs to be safe on a day-to-day basis.

There are extensive legal requirements for anyone who uses machinery to ensure that it is safe, that it complies with the EU Machinery Directive. This applies even if you modify machines, move them, or assemble them into a production line. Perhaps you manufacture your own lifting equipment, grippers or similar.

Familiarising yourself with EU regulations is certainly not an easy task. With CEDOC Industrial Edition, you get the easy way to do it right. We have already reinterpreted the whole directive into a limited number of clear questions that you answer directly in the system. And we’ll help you get started so you’re off to a flying start.

Get started with CEDOC Industrial Edition

It is not easy to familiarise yourself with new software on your own. To make it effective, we have created packages with a multi-step introduction of CEDOC, the background and suggestions on how to best work with machine safety. Our job is to make sure you get started so you feel confident to do your own risk assessments. Our packages come in different sizes based on your needs and where you are today. We offer a range of training courses, personalised briefings and even an initial risk assessment together, if required. Contact us for more information on how we can help you get started.

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With CEDOC Industrial Edition you’ll get:

  • All you need to be able to comply with laws and other requirements on machinery safety

  • The entire Machinery Directive broken down into simple clear questions

  • User aid for parts of several common ISO standards

  • Receipt control when purchasing machinery

  • Risk assessment every time machinery is modified or assembled

  • Continuous updates of both the software and the machinery direcitve

  • Internal expertise of machinery safety

  • Support for the whole team to make risk assessments, bringing together all competences

  • A central part of the systematic work environment management

  • Confidence in doing the right thing

Getting started

Are you ready to reduce risks? We help you step by step towards creating a machine-safe workplace for your employees. Try CEDOC and experience how simple and user friendly our software is and how good it feels to minimise risks and create safety.