CEDOC Partner and Assignment companies

Cedoc has its headquarters in Sweden. Resellers are located in several countries and are divided into Partners and Assignment companies.

A CEDOC Partner mediate business with CEDOC, provides training and support in the CEDOC product in the local language. An assignment company mediates business with CEDOC in the local language.


JL Safety AB

CEDOC Partner Sweden

JL Safety AB is Cedoc’s partner in Sweden. JL Safety AB offers training in machine safety and the CEDOC software. +46 (0)511-79 88 00

Automasjon & Sikkerhet AS

CEDOC Partner Norway

Automasjon & Sikkerhet AS is Cedoc’s partner in Norway. Automasjon & Sikkerhet AS offers training and support in CEDOC in the local language. +47 33 01 52 20

Koneturva Oy

CEDOC Partner Finland

Koneturva Oy is CEDOC’s partner in Finland. Koneturva Oy offers CEDOC training and support in the local language. +358 40 519 9613

Assignment companies

SSP North AB

CEDOC Assignment company Sweden

SSP North is Cedoc’s assignment company in Sweden. They mediate business with CEDOC.

Ekeberg Sikkerhet og Automasjon AS

CEDOC Assignment company Norway

Ekeberg Sikkerhet og Automasjon AS is Cedoc’s assignment company in Norway. They mediate business with CEDOC in the local language.
Swedish Institute for Standards

Cedoc in collaboration with SIS

Cedoc and the Swedish Institute for Standards (SIS) have a collaboraiton.
In the collaboration with SIS we have agreed to reproduce parts of standards directly in CEDOC.

Features in CEDOC are linked to SIS

In CEDOC you will find the direct links to SIS subscriptions and standards in two places.

  • Via the user aid

  • Via links in the top right corner

You can also connect your risk assessment directly to a reference page in your standard.

Certified CEDOC Expert

Become a partner

Cedoc’s vision is to make everyday life easier for all those affected by the legal requirements in the field of machinery safety and thereby be a leader in all prioritised markets.

In the concept of CEDOC – Partner and assignment company, the Certified CEDOC Expert has been specifically developed to ensure that the professional competence of the person using CEDOC is correct, which further increases the credibility of the professional. But also because certification increases the value of companies and individuals.

Apply to become a Certified CEDOC Expert

Certified CEDOC Expert

To become a Certified CEDOC Expert, the individual is required to undergo a qualification procedure which ensures that the individual has relevant knowledge of machinery safety and CE marking.

Do you have what it takes?

  • The prior knowledge needed to become a Certified CEDOC Expert is the basics of machine safety, practical risk assessment and CEDOC.

The certification

The cost of the exam is 600 EUR excluding VAT. The certification includes a badge and the right to use the title Certified CEDOC Expert. The certification is personal and is valid for 3 years after passing the exam.

The certification consists of two parts

  • Knowledge check on the subject of machine safety, CE marking and the CEDOC software.

  • Infill technical practical knowledge of the CEDOC software.

Getting started

Are you ready to reduce risks? We help you step by step towards creating a machine-safe workplace for your employees. Try CEDOC and experience how simple and user friendly our software is and how good it feels to minimise risks and create safety.