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CEDOC Industrial Edition

For you who work in production

CEDOC Machine Supplier Edition

For you who manufacture and deliver machinery

CEDOC Expert Edition

For you who are consulting

CEDOC Industrial Edition

You have machines in your production that you want to be safe to use for everyone working there. But you’re not sure what risk assessment and machinery directive mean for you and you are looking for a reliable and easy-to-use tool to help you comply with the legal requirements.

We will help you. CEDOC is filled with concrete questions in simple language where we have broken down the complex regulations that follow the EU machinery directive.

We ensure that you get started with risk assessments on an ongoing basis, every time you make a modification to a machine or rebuild your existing machinery. The same thing when you need to check a recieved machine. It should be easy to have a safe workplace that fulfills the legal requirements.

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CEDOC Machine Supplier Edition

You manufacture machines and deliver them to your customers. Perhaps several machines that are built together. You are required to CE mark your machines upon delivery and want your customers to recieve a first-class delivery where everything is by the book. But you wonder how many standards and directives you really need to know and how to interpret them.

We have the perfect tool. CEDOC complies all documentation in one place and is with you throughout the project, from design to shaking hands with the customer. I you answer the questions and implement the measures in CEDOC, you have a legally valid document to deliver. In addition, several standards are integrated into the system. It should be easy to deliver a safe machine.

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CEDOC Expert Edition

You already have knowledge of CE marking and safe machinery, you know all about the machinery directive, regulations, harmonised standards and applicable legislation. What you need is a good tool to work with so you can spend time with your customer, instead of administration.

CEDOC was developed by machinery safety experts. The system has been used to deliver thousands of risk assessments and CE markings. Fast and easy to work with, yet flexible and powerful. Create your own templates, links to common standards and follow the technical advice provided. We keep CEDOC up to date with the latest news in machinery safety. You can focus on helping your customers.

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We know what is required regardless of industry

At Cedoc, we have a strong drive to create change and contribute to machine-safe workplaces. Our software is developed by our specialists with experience from thousands of CE marking consultations in various industries. We know what’s required and with CEDOC you will facilitate the implementation of risk assessment and CE marking procedures. Together we can do what matters most – contributing to safe workplaces for everyone.

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What applies to you?

When it comes to risk assessment and CE marking, it can be confusing what needs to be done, what rules apply and how to do it. But don’t worry, we have created a simple list of key points and requirements that you need to be aware of, whether you have a new machine or need to inspect or modify an existing machine. With our software, you can feel confident that you can meet all the requirements. Keep reading to see what applies to you.

New machine

Inspection/modification of existing machinery

Areas of use

Why should I use CEDOC?

CEDOC is primarily used for risk assessment according to the “Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC” and the directive for “Use of work equipment 2009/104/EC”.

With CEDOC you can save both time and money – while creating safety for yourself, your employees and colleagues.

CEDOC is perfect to use

  • When manufacturing a new machine or equipment.

  • When adding, rebuilding or making a change to a machine or machine line in production.

  • When you need to check that a purchased machine fulfils the legal requirements for CE marking.

  • When you need to produce technical documentation for your machines.

  • When you need to risk assess a newly built or rebuilt machine.

  • When you have a machine manufactured before 1995 that needs to fulfil “Use of work equipment” (Annex A “Technical Requirements”).

  • When you need to risk assess machinery that has already been placed on the market or machinery that has been put into service and is therefore already CE marked by a manufacturer.

Getting started

Are you ready to reduce risks? We help you step by step towards creating a machine-safe workplace for your employees. Try CEDOC and experience how simple and user friendly our software is and how good it feels to minimise risks and create safety.