License packages

CEDOC Expert Edition

Our different license packages for CEDOC Expert Edition are shown below. The prices are for companies outside of Sweden.

User license

12 months subscription for one or multiple personal users.
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Partner license

License for you who want to sell CEDOC.
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There is a CEDOC for you

CEDOC Expert Edition is aimed at consultants who specialise in machine safety. The basis for CEDOC was developed back when CE marking was introduced by leading Swedish experts in machine safety, and these specialists have continued to develop CEDOC ever since. All that knowledge is built into the CEDOC Expert Edition.

There is no more convenient tool for machine safety when helping your customers. CEDOC Expert Edition is proven with hundreds of customers, thousands of risk assessments and CE markings. Create templates, link to standards and technical advice, drill down into the exact wording of both the Machinery Directive and the Guide to its interpretation.

We continuously update the content when changes are made to directives or regulations, so you can feel confident that you are always working with the right version.

Get started with CEDOC Expert Edition

To effectively benefit from CEDOC, we have both training courses and personalised guidance to help you quickly get up to speed with the software. Contact us for more information on how we can help you get started.

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With CEDOC Expert Edition you’ll get:

User license
Partner license
Everything needed to be able CE mark the customer’s machine
The entire Machinery Directive broken down into simple clear questions
Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

Use of Work Equipment 2009/104/EC
User aid for several common ISO standards
EN ISO 13857:2019
EN ISO 13855:2010
EN ISO 13854:2019
EC Declaration (Declaration of Conformity) in several languages
Templates (unlimited number) for more efficient work at the customer’s site
Continuous updates of both the software and the machinery directive
Customised shortcuts with the most common hazards, causes and harms
Measures that can be exported to the customer
Reports and printouts according to legal requirements

Getting started

Are you ready to reduce risks? We help you step by step towards creating a machine-safe workplace for your employees. Try CEDOC and experience how simple and user friendly our software is and how good it feels to minimise risks and create safety.