The Machinery Regulation replaces the Machinery Directive


22nd of May 2023, the European Commission took a decision to implement the Machinery Regulation.

Like the Machinery Directive, the Machinery Regulation requires manufacturers of machinery to create safe machines for end users, for example to you as a machine operator.

The Machinery Regulation will apply during winter 2026-2027. For machinery placed on the market or put into service until then falls under the Machinery Directive. After that, the Machinery Directive ceases to apply.

What makes the Machinery Regulation different?

The difference between a directive and a regulation is that the regulation is a binding legal act, while the directive can be compared to an objective. And unlike the Machinery Directive, the Machinery Regulation takes into account digital developments, such as machines with certain or entirely own actions (AI). One requirement that has been added is that significant changes to machinery are covered by the regulation. In addition, digital operating instructions are now allowed and can facilitate handling the machine.

The target group of the regulation is manufacturers, distributors and importers of machinery in the EU.

Getting started

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