AB Sigfrid Stenberg

AB Sigfrid Stenberg is one of Sweden’s largest machine distributors and offers Swedish industry a wide range of machines, automation and services. But how do they work to achieve a safe workplace?

Mathias Holmqvist, who is business area manager and safety expert at Stenbergs, says that they have long taken safety and CE marking very seriously. For example, a simpler checklist has been drawn up that all project managers and technicians at the company can handle, which means that an initial check after an installation and/or rebuild is always carried out.
If it turns out that an in-depth risk assessment needs to be carried out, Stenbergs uses CEDOC, which supports a risk assessment and CE marking through a step-by-step method.

If there is the slightest doubt as to whether a machine or installation is not correctly risk assessed and CE marked, or doubts as to whether a rebuild requires a new CE mark, Stenbergs will contact its machine supplier.

Mathias emphasizes that they not only want to be specialists in machinery, processing and automation, but also in work environment and safety – all so that their customers have both a productive and safe work environment.

"Risk assessment and CE marking are important parts of a machine installation at Stenbergs and we consider it natural to be experts in that area as well.".

Mathias Holmqvist

Business area manager

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