Sandvik Coromant – manufacturer of cutting tools

Sandvik Coromant works continuously during the year with gross risk analyses and recurring safety rounds to reduce the risks in its operations. A risk analysis is also carried out before a machine is started up.

Patrik Breding is responsible for the GUG department, which covers machine and auxiliary equipment development and manufacturing. Generally speaking, his entire department works on machine safety issues. According to Patrik, their biggest challenge with machine safety work is the changing laws and requirements. A clear example is the Machinery Regulation, which will come into force in 2027. But within Sandvik Coromant there is a Local Work Environment Committee that every quarter goes through everything that concerns the departments regarding laws and requirements together with representatives from the EHS group who monitor the changes.

In addition to gross risk analyses, safety rounds and risk analyses, the way of thinking and working on Sandvik Coromant’s safety is anchored through performing risk assessments and risk estimates on machines in CEDOC.

"CEDOC is a deep program that covers my needs for signing the Declaration of Conformity."

Patrik Breding

Department Manager, AB Sandvik Coromant

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