CEJN – The global specialist on quick connect solutions

CEJN provides quick connect solutions to various industries, including manufacturing, rail and wind power. CEJN’s quick connect solutions contribute to safer and more efficient work. But how does CEJN work with safety? Let’s find out!

CEJN carries out systematic work environment management with targeted safety inspections, has a safety committee and trains managers in work environment in close collaboration with safety representatives to ensure that the workplace is safe. More people are involved in machine safety issues, such as production technicians, group managers and production managers. In addition, CEJN enlists the help of JL Safety when details need to be discussed.   

CEJN always encourages a climate where deviations are seen as a source of improvement. High knowledge and continuous development are prioritised. Safety representatives are continuously trained and involved in rounds and projects. But despite expert help from JL Safety, CEJN’s challenge is to keep up to date with changes in the Machinery Directive and standards. CEDOC creates a sense of security in that you know that everything is included thanks to the questions and good guidance in the program.

"In our project template, CEDOC is not a recommendation – it's a requirement."

Johan Magnusson

Manager Technical Department

Getting started

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