Kinnarps AB – Manufacturer of interior design solutions and furniture

At the furniture company Kinnarps, safety is an important part of the business. And with a large internal commitment, many different roles are involved in machine safety issues. Despite this, Kinnarps faces challenges.

At Kinnarps, all employees who can affect the safety are trained to ensure that the workplace is safe. Several different people with varying roles are involved in machine safety issues to highlight problems from several angles. Through risk assessments and impact assessments, Kinnarps reduces the risks in its operations.

According to Krister Johansson, who works as a production engineer at Kinnarps, their biggest challenge when it comes to safety is to implement the constantly changing laws and regulations in the organisation. In addition, it is difficult to reach all the individuals it affects. However, they have a good system to stay updated. In addition, there is a great commitment within Kinnarps.

Kinnarps has been using CEDOC for over ten years, since 2012. Krister Johansson says that CEDOC guides them through all the points of the Machinery Directive in a systematic and pedagogical way and that the system ensures that they do not miss essential points in each risk assessment. Furthermore, he says that the user aid is a flexible tool that provides a quick insight into frequently recurring questions.

Through annual updates, the sharpness of the software is maintained, says Krister Johansson. In addition, training is offered so that Kinnarps’ new employees have the opportunity to acquire the same knowledge as others.

"Through annual updates, the sharpness of the software is maintained."

Krister Johansson

Production Engineer

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